Police dog finds man in Gordonton drain

There was action aplenty in Gordonton last Wednesday when an alleged fleeing driver crashed through a hedge, ran from his car and was found by police in a muddy drain.

At least six police cars, highway patrol and two dog handling units swarmed Peach Rd and nearyby College Drive, reports the Waikato Times:

Senior Sergeant Damion Rangitutia, of Waikato police, said the driver had been involved in a police pursuit before losing control at the northern end of Gordonton Village and crashing into a paddock through a farm fence at 10.40am.”Initially the vehicle is noted as being linked to previous dishonesty offences.”

Witness Nick Rayner was having a coffee at Gordonton when he saw a man.

“We saw him legging it through the paddock – we knew something was up and we saw the crashed car and the cops.

“He ran through the calf paddock and over the fence.”

Rayner watched as the man ran from the intersection of Peach Rd through a sportsground and back towards Gordonton Village through fields.

He described him as a “reasonably built” man, with short hair and a white singlet and shorts.

“The calves were going a bit nuts.”

Two dog handlers were seen tracking through the paddocks and over fences in the rural residential area…

…After about 40 minutes of searching a police dog unit discovered a man in a drain not far from College Dr. He was handcuffed by police and given a thermal blanket before being taken away for questioning.Police at the scene would not comment on the events that led to the crash.

To read the full story in the Times, click here.  The hole in the fence was fixed up almost straight away, says John Riddell who farms on the property across the road.  “We managed to miss the whole thing, I was at the back of the farm when it happened.”

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