Stolen cars crashed on Peach Rd

Two stolen cars have been crashed on Peach Rd, in less than a week.

A Gordonton local has sent photos of the cars to Number 8 Network and says they are getting fed up.


Stolen car Peach Rd
This car was crashed in the early hours of Friday (29 October 2021) on Peach Rd. Photos: supplied


The drivers of the car had been doing wheelies in the metal dump before crashing into the drain on the opposite side of the road, N8N was told.

“Three young males were seen running from the scene at 4.30am.”


Photo of stolen car
This car, believed to be stolen, was abandoned on Peach Rd yesterday morning (3 November).


“Peach Rd is not the quiet country road it once was. We often have cars that hoon up and down it or just driving too fast.  This is especially worrying as people also use the road for walking or cycling.”

Peach Rd and Ballard Rd corner, and also Ballard Rd and Boyd Rd corner are also favourite places for doing donuts, wheelies and spins, she said.  “You can often see tyre marks at those places.”

Police told the woman both cars were stolen, the first locally, the second from Hamilton.  They are investigating both incidents.

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