Walking with Living Streets

Keen walkers try out the Osborne Rd walkway.

Fancy a stroll along a nearby waterway? Living Streets Hamilton is holding Waterway Walks, a series of Sunday afternoon walks taking in some of the city’s lakes, rivers and streams.

The pedestrian advocacy group promotes walking as a first means of transport in urban environments, but that doesn’t mean us rural folk can’t join in, says co-ordinator Judy McDonald.

“Nip in to town to do some shopping, pick up a friend and enjoy a wander with us,” she says.

The walks start at 2pm and take about an hour or two at a pleasant pace, she says.

“Our most popular walk last year attracted 60 people, and our first one this year drew a crowd of 38, which is enough to stop traffic when crossing the road – a very empowering feeling for a bunch of pedestrians!”

The next walk is on October 30 and starts at the junction of Kiwi Ave and Walsh St, off Forest Lake Rd.

“The path takes us round Forest Lake itself, inspecting the native plantings, then proceed round Minogue Park, lasting about an hour.”

The second, on November 6, meets at the Cenotaph. “We will walk along the river path to the Hamilton Gardens and back – with a stop at the Gardens Cafe for those needing a coffee break.”

The final walk is on November 13 and starts at Pickering Avenue, at the cul-de-sac end.

“We will be starting from the Wairere Drive roundabout, exploring the numerous paths that run beside the stream and lead to the various ‘arms’ of Tauhara Park.”

Walkers should bring the normal things needed on a stroll, and be prepared to enjoy themselves.

Judy has a set of four gully maps available, which people have found very useful in the past.

In the next week or so she plans to explore the famous Osborne Rd walkway, which might get added to next year’s schedule.

For further information, email Judy or give her a call on 07 855 2019.

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