Stars for breakfast

N8N cub reporters Bethany Norman and Hannah Bradley from Gordonton Primary School filed this special report on a major school event.

A series of stars came and joined Gordonton School last Wednesday for breakfast and to answer some questions.

The stars were: Casey Williams, Andrew Stroud, Michael Brunt, Nick Fowlie, Krista Stokes, Mathew Pio, Andrew Gore, Cameron Downing, Nicky Piers and Tiania Wallbank.

We asked Casey Williams, Andrew Stroud’s wife Karen Stroud and Cameron Downing ‘how committed do you have to be to get to where you are now?’ And the answer from all of them came 100% committed.

We started off with breakfast outside and kids went around getting autographs from the stars. Casey Williams was stuck on breakfast duty and we all lined up to be served by the famous netball player.

Andrew Stroud had his stand showing off his bike and signing autographs. Along with Cameron Downing in front also showing off his bike and his many trophies. On the side Nick Fowlie gave out posters and current Y7 student Tiania Wallbank showed her ministock off to everyone.

After the Gordonton School kids had gone around to all the stars asking for their autographs, the stars went into the school hall to talk about what they do and to give children a chance to ask questions. The classes each had some questions to ask the stars of the day. Each of the stars had a seat on stage.

One of the kids stood up and asked Andrew Stroud “Who is your hero?” “God” Mr Stroud said. I think he is a great hero to have.

There were a lot of good questions asked and to go along with them, a lot of great answers. We all had a joyful time with breakfast with the stars. All of the Gordonton School kids were so happy to see some of their role models at school.

When there were no more questions, the stars left the hall and back to their stands and again got crowded by kids. Some things can hold the stars back like injuries and people telling them they can’t achieve their goals but they ask themselves four questions: what are you proud of? What have you learned? How are you going to use what you’ve learned? and What are you going to do about it?

Some of the stars had their own heroes like we have ours. Some of them were Travis Pastrana, parents, Sir Edmund Hilary.

We asked some of the stars what inspired you, they said they loved doing what they do and they love teaching people to be the best they can be, it’s very rewarding to see what they have achieved. They found something that they liked and wanted to carry on with what they did. They say if people just believe they can do it they can achieve and if people say they can’t just brush it off and try harder. You need dedication, some of the stars started at aged 12 or under and that shows real dedication. Have fun and enjoy what you’re doing otherwise you won’t want to do it.

At the end Andrew Stroud gave the school a little demo of one of his burn outs. Everyone loved it and cheered for him. As the morning went and school started the stars began to pack up their things and go. We are all very thankful and happy for how the day turned out. We would all like to say thank you on behalf of the school and teachers because if all of you stars didn’t come we never would have had Breakfast With The Stars.

One last thing the stars said was the only way to get better is by failing and that helped kids here at Gordonton School to reach their goals.

Check out these great pics snapped on the day – click ‘Play’ to start slideshow.


Bethany and Hannah are Year 8 students at Gordonton Primary School and are N8N’s first young reporters.

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