Horseshoes for a cause

You know what they say about lucky horseshoes – well, here’s a chance to let your old shoes make a real difference.

The Catwalk Spinal Injury Trust and Sims Pacific Metals are teaming up to collect horseshoes for Hoofing It, an initiative to raise money for spinal injury research.

Catwalk founder Catriona Williams is appealing to all horse owners to donate their old horseshoes, which will then be processed in to scrap metal by Sims Pacific Metals.

“With more than 7 thousand sporthorses in New Zealand, most of which wear steel shoes, and thousands more racehorses wearing aluminium shoes, there are tonnes of metal tied up in stable yards around the country.

“If we can harness those shoes, and put the funding into research, that only increases the chances of getting people out of chairs and back on their feet.”

Ms Williams is a former national showjumping representative who suffered serious spinal damage in 2002.

The closest drop off points are PGG Wrightson’s and Garrard’s Horse and Hound in Cambridge, and Sims Pacific Metals in Te Rapa, Hamilton.

For more information on the Catwalk Spinal Injury Trust, visit

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