Prize bikers

They left us in the dust on Osborne Rd during the bike ride, and they draw and write pretty well, too.

We’ve just run the first competition on Number 8 Network – today the winners were announced at a full school assembly at Horsham Downs school.

The top prizes went to Georgia, Toby, Olivia and Cade – who got, respectively a flash bike lock, a family pass to Hamilton Zoo, a picture book and a family pass to Waterworld.  Others received frisbees, snap bracelets, pencils and discount vouchers for bike gear.  It was really hard to pick the winners, and we loved reading your entries.

You guys rock!

All prizes generously donated by Hamilton City Council – thanks guys (and thanks to Julie too!)

What an adventure
By Georgia

Pose for the picture! Out the corner of my eye I see Anton peering at the camera waiting for a flash.
The smell of rubber fills my nose. Let’s go! So we race for the front of the crew to set the pace.
I hear holiday adventures as we cycle. I feel the excitement surrounding me.
As we come into single file Brittany and I start to race. We stop off at Jessica’s house and she joins in.
Down the hill at a cheetah’s speed I zoom, the wind rushes past kissing my cheeks.
At Kay road we cross in groups of 6. Stopping at some pipes to rest, I had some icy water and kept going.
Left, right, up and down we race through some deep dark tunnels as we scream at the top of our lungs.
Twisting like a snake we swirl past tip top corners, huff and puff like Thomas the tank engine.
Finally we’re at the park!

By Toby

We arrived at Anton’s house with our bikes, rearing to go. We headed up Reynolds road with a mum leading the way.
Georgie was in front of me and Cade’s mum behind. I loved playing in the pipes jumping from one to the other it was so much fun.
Even running around them was good. Some of us even slipped on the pipes giving us a fright.
Then we biked on to Callum Brae park then we parked our bikes and off to the flying fox. It was awesome.
Geordie and I went on the flying fox together and I slipped off, i was hanging onto the seat till we reached the bottom.
It dragged me a long the ground. Even that was fun. Off to buy ice cream much needed refreshment.
On the ride home we have to ride up a steep gravel hill and I made it.
I told Dad on the way home I need a bike with gears!

By Olivia, 7

Happily skidding on the ground
Going under round a-bouts that’s what I found
And you have to get up the big hills.
But my favourite bit is when we get there
cause that’s the thrills.

The Bike Ride Story
By Daniel, 3

I loved biking to the playground. I liked biking down the hill and playing on the pipes. I liked being the first one back.
Thanks Julie.

A Tall Story
By Aleksia, 8

When we started the bike to Callum Brae, we started off steadily until we got there. We were getting tired.
We stopped at the park for ice creams and a play. When I was eating mine, it suddenly transformed into a mean ice cream. It chased us around the table. Some of us hid under it. We were so scared.
Olivia and I ran off to safety on the flying fox platform. When the ice cream melted we decided to go on it. As I whizzed down, I stood up.
When I bumped the tyres at the end, I suddenly flew off! While I was shooting through the sky, I sprouted a pair of golden wings. “Wow!” I exclaimed when I saw them. I drifted over hills and paddocks as I entered a entirely new world of daydreaming. I didn’t know that I hit a tree. That woke me up. I saw the rest of us at the pipes. My wings disappeared.
“Uh Oh”, just before i started dropping, they just left. “AAAAH!” I screeched as I fell onto my bike. “Owww” I said as I got a wedgie on the seat. My helmet fell onto my head and magically buckled itself. My bag slipped on my back. I started pedalling and before I knew it, I had finished and was back at Julie’s.
“Where were you?” asked Julie. “Well…” I said and told her but she didn’t believe me.

By Kennedy, 8

Callum Brae
Jumping over pipes
Riding over the bridge
Screaming through the dark tunnels
Putting on my brakes down hills
Getting an iceblock and chippies to eat
Making it up the steep hill by myself
More people biked with us this time
Having fun on the flying fox
We looked for traffic first
Playing with my friends
Lots of gravel
Mouse wheel

The Bike Ride
By Madison, 10

JUMP – We jumped from pipe to pipe
WALK – Walking across the roads on our bikes
RUN – Running at the Callum Brae playground
PEDAL – Pushing our pedals hard up the hills
PUSH – pushing my bike up the last bit of the last steep hill
CLIMB – Climbing up the pipes
DRINK – Drink stops were important because it was a hot day!
EAT – Ice blocks and chips at the shop half way
LIFT – Lift bikes up and over the gates
BRAKE – Slowing ourselves down going down some steep hills!
TURN – into the tunnels through the safety barriers
LOOK – we had to cross a few roads and watch for cars
SCREAM – making as much noise through the tunnels as we can!

I had a wonderful time and will go again for sure!

By Jackson

B iking to the park
I ce blocks from the shop
K ids playing
E veryone played on the pipes
R unning
I like biking
D own under the road
E xciting

The Bike Ride
By Samantha, 6

It was a sunny day when we went for a bike ride to callum brae park. On the way I did skiddies on the track.
It was hard to go through the gate. When we got to callum brae park I went on the monkey bars. I like going on the monkey bars.
After that we went back.

Callum Brae Bike Ride

By Brock, 7

First, we all lined up and had our picture taken. Then off we went. My leader was Julie and she said you had to be a metre from the edge of the road. Anton, Geordie and Toby were all in front of me. We went speeding down the hills and it was really fun. Anton, Cade and me did some skids. We also went through two or three tunnels and we made echoes.
And the best bit was when we went to Callum Brae park and got an ice block. And then we had to bike all the way back and do all the same things.

The Bike Ride
By Hayley, 6

At the start of the bike ride I checked my helmet, I put my shoes on. I am all ready now. I started off very well but it was a little bit hard. I loved going on the pipes with Sam and Georgia. When we got to Callum Brae park I was lucky to get an iceblock. I loved the flying fox with my friends.
Thank you for the bike ride.

The Exciting Bike Ride
By Matthew, 7

In the morning we went to Julie’s place to start our amazing bike ride. Before we went we had to check our helmets and brakes. Next we took a photo of the team, then we took off to Callum Brae. Along the way we were doing skids and I fell off my bike, I was brave though. Then me and Anton did some cool as jumps, they were awesome. Then we stopped for a break and a drink at the pipes. It was hard work jumping from one pipe to another. I saw a wasp nest in one too.
Then we headed off to Callum Brae through the tunnel and everyone screamed in it. Finally I saw we were almost there, yay I’m going on the flying fox. It was awesome as. Then we went to the shop to get an iceblock, I needed it. My brother Daniel and Mum took off first to go home. We tried to catch them up but we didn’t.
I loved going to Callum Brae.



(But wait, there’s more!  Click to see these last two entries)
Cade, 7

Jaymie, 5

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