Fancy foot work

May 2nd, 2012 | By | Category: News

It was all on in the Gordonton Hall last night as a keen lot of beginner dancers got shown the right steps by Jill Schumacher.

The lessons, which start sharp at 7.30pm, run for six weeks.  They are to ensure everyone knows how to foxtrot at the Art Deco Dance, to farewell Reverend Rosemary Carey in June.

N8N’s Annette Taylor and Iris Riddell snuck in to take some pictures.

Click on the photo below to start a small slideshow.



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2 Comments to “Fancy foot work”

  1. Rosemary Carey says:

    Annette and Iris what a team you are and what great things you are doing for Gordonton. Thank you.

    • number8network says:

      Thanks Rosemary, there’s so many great people in our area, it’s a real pleasure to share their stories.

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