A message from Bangkok

It’s 5.42 in the morning, 29 degrees and there’s a magpie robin preening itself next to a very muddy terrapin. Clearly this is not Gordonton, Toto.

Leaving Marley the office cat strict instructions on how to look after the house sitter, we caught a plane bound for Thailand and will spend the next few weeks in search of wonderful food and weird animals and plants.

One day down we’ve already mastered important skills, such as avoiding squid on a stick, tuktuk drivers and negotiating the SkyTrain. We took in the wonderful squat toilet at the Railway Station which brings new meaning to “Just Cleaned” and ambled around the huge open market at Chatuchak.

Bangkok is a bit big and confusing for this country girl, and so today we’re off on the overnight train to Chiang Mai, the city where my brother lives and one of the reasons we are here. That and to see what treats Thailand has to offer. More later.

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