Wet weather woes – get a duck

Kelly Dyer finds it’s hard to be enthusiastic about gardening when it’s raining outside…

THE sun is a distant memory and the weekend (when the sun actually came out from behind the clouds for more than 10 minutes) was spent away from home.

Balancing being able to keep things ticking over in the garden with not destroying the little lawn you have left (because it is sodden) isn’t easy. This time of year I usually just throw in the towel and pray for a fine weekend when I’m not babysitting, or drumming, or otherwise busy.

I keep myself hopeful by starting to plan my spring/summer crops and comtemplating if I ought to try growing capsicums one last time before giving up on them completely. I have the latest NZ Gardener magazine here, waiting to fuel my daydreams.

One thing I’m not good at, which I really should do more of, is draw planting plans, so I can get my crop rotations working correctly. Memory is only so reliable. I think I will get a sketch book and start my plans in that as a long term record. That’s something I can safely do from inside while the rain continues to bucket down outside.

The other thing I can do, judging from the state of our backyard right now, is think about the practicalities of owning ducks.

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One thought on “Wet weather woes – get a duck

  • July 17, 2012 at 5:22 pm

    yeah ducks are good, eat the slugs and grubs, and if good to you provide eggs, the fertiliser is okay, and I guess the meat could be good too. Have fun with your decisions


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