Spring garden delights

N8N garden writer Kelly Dyer is full of the pleasures of Spring, even though it’s a wee bit chilly out there.

How doth my garden grow?

Quite well actually, in spite of the rain. There are several things in the garden growing like mad, some of which are actual vegetables, not weeds!

Garlic: all 15 cloves sprouted and have lovely glossy green leaves. Current efforts in ensuring a good crop revolve around keeping them weed-free and feeding them liquid fertilizer from our worm farm.

Onions: these are also in need of weeding, but not too many have been lost to transplant shock (yes, I bought seedlings) or to the snails.

Kale: we have three different kinds of kale putting out many more leaves now that the weather is warming up. So delicious steamed and mixed in with mashed potato.

Asparagus: I thought it was a bit early for our asparagus crowns to be sending up shoots, but they are. We eagerly watch the first few, wondering just how many spears our plants can lose this year without straining their resources. Delicious.

Free Peas: our citrus garden was prepared with a layer of pea straw underneath the soil and from this has sprouted a whole crop of free peas. I’m excited because free is my favourite flavour!

Strawberries: no actual berries yet, but the plants themselves are looking healthy after being lifted, split apart and replanted in late autumn.

Blueberries: these have started to flower. Mark has been rubbing his hands in anticipation of another bumper crop like we had last year. I think he’d have blueberries everywhere if he could.

Bees: they have started making an appearance in our garden! This is cause for much celebration as last year we noticed a lack of bees in the area.

Aside from the vegetables I have daffodils and violas flowering, tulips sprouting, sweet peas waiting to burst into flower and plum blossoms to look forward to. It might still be cold out there, but it is definitely feeling like spring.

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