Journalists get down and painty

It was a splendid day at the Gordonton Country Market, Number 8 Network understands.  Although Iris Riddell and Annette Taylor were there, but they didn’t get to see much of the market.

The two were busy face painting small children – all for a good cause. Iris, co-founder of N8N, is raising money for her 100km walk for Oxfam next March.

Walking 100km - but not in these stilts!
Walking 100km – but not in these stilts!

A member of Hamilton’s Free Lunch Street Theatre, Iris is pretty good at face painting, and stilt walking.  And, as it turns out, training her mum in the demanding task of painting butterflies, flowers, unicorns, spiders and bats on young children.

The two had a blast, and raised just short of $100.  Their young customers seemed delighted with the service, and the two journalists will be back.  (Actually, it was utterly delightful to see the huge smile kids would make when they see the results.  And three adults also received the treatment.)

Roving Gordonton reporter Ciaran Warner was at the market and took some photographs of a very successful morning.

If you would like to support Iris in her Oxfam undertaking, you can make a donation here, or just take a look to see how she’s doing.


See you at the next market!


Making Batboy
Making Batboy


Proof that old Taylors can learn.
Proof that old Taylors can learn.



Tuning up
Tuning up


It's not that long before Christmas...
It’s not that long before Christmas…
About to enjoy a piping hot cup of coffee    Pic:  GCM
About to enjoy a piping hot cup of coffee Pic: GCM
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2 thoughts on “Journalists get down and painty

  • November 7, 2014 at 5:13 pm

    If I wasn’t going to spend my weekend marking, I would turn up. To obverve.

    • November 7, 2014 at 5:26 pm

      Bring your marking, sit in the sun, enjoy the market with us!


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