Honey jars sweet idea for competition

SweetIt’s time to think up sweet ideas for old honey jars. Horsham Down’s beekeepers, Sweetree, are holding a photo competition to see just how creative people can bee (sorry, couldn’t resist).

“Lately I’ve been reading on Facebook how our customers reuse their Sweetree honey jars. They are used for jams, chutneys, sauces and for storing items. What do you use empty Sweetree jars for?” says Stephanie Lynch.

“Post a photo to our Facebook page of a Sweetree Honey jar being used creatively and you could be in to win. If you don’t have Facebook, email us directly and we’ll pop it up for you.”

The best photo at the end of April wins a Sweetree Honey gift box with the latest season’s honeys (which are still being harvested!) plus the latest Good Magazine and three back issues of the NZ Farmer Lifestyle Magazine – worth a total of $60!

She says when she and Martin were deciding how to package their honey it had to be glass.

“It’s so much more healthier, attractive and environmental friendly. I came across this on Glass for Life facebook page which sums it up quite well – ‘People trust glass more than any other packaging material to protect the flavor and freshness of their food and drink. And for good reason. Glass is safe and healthy, pure and virtually inert. It’s made of natural ingredients— sand, limestone and soda ash.

“Glass is 100% recyclable and highly sustainable— unlike most other packaging materials, it can be recycled over and over. And glass says quality without even trying. Glass is life, for all the right reasons.'”

Pic below by Claudia Aalderink . (Don’t worry Claudia isn’t allowed to enter!)


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