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Mine, all mine!

Mine, all mine!

EVERYTHING was just perfect at The Firepot Cafe on Friday night.

Friends were visiting from Christchurch and we wanted to show them a Good Time.

Not many years ago, that would have been a challenge in Gordonton, the options being somewhat limited to fish and chips, and not even that more years back.

Somehow we had not ventured into the Firepot for an evening repast, and it was high time to check it out.

We arrived nice and early with a hearty appetite and settled into the convivial atmosphere. A nearby table was overflowing with young children; mum and dad having a lovely time while outside the rain fell. Couples talked animatedly while perusing the menu, which was brand new that evening.

So much to choose from. There were platters to share – one named The Gordonton featured deep fried camembert, button mushrooms, onion rings, noodle wrapped tiger prawns… how can one live in Gordonton and not try this? As well as pizzas and pasta.

Not one to be distracted easily, my eye went immediately to the dessert menu. Was that really churros? Otherwise known as Spanish doughnuts, these doughy delights are fried until crunchy then sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. Was it possible to go straight to dessert?

But no, the roasted pork belly ($27.50) caught my eye and held it. This was delicious and the serving generous. It came nestled on a bed of pumpkin and cumin seed puree, which was a perfect, palette cleansing match with the pork.

No, I did not want to share, thank you. Our friends tucked into baked chicken, with sundried tomato and camembert stuffing ($28) and the husband into tomato and rosemary braised lamb shank, with kumara and balsamic onion mash ($27). This chef is on fire.

Then, because I had eaten all my veges (bok choy and yummy roasted baby beetroot) I was allowed to have dessert.

Ah, the churros ($10.50). They were sugary and light and crunchy, and came with chocolate ganache and a berry coulis. Not for sharing. (Although I craftily stole some vanilla bean ice cream from David’s sticky date pudding while he wasn’t watching.)

How wonderful not to have to drive into Hamilton for a great night out. The next time we get an invite to dine at a Hamilton cafe, I’ll say, come to Gordonton. The Firepot’s fine.

Final verdict: Great service, excellent menu, superb food.

  • The Firepot Cafe is open every Friday night for dinner.  Best to book.  Ph 07 824 2006.
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10 Comments to “Hot stuff at Firepot”

  1. Michele Bishop - FirePot Cafe says:

    Thank you for your kind words, yes I am very proud of both the menu and my Friday Night Dinner team, Every Friday Night our cheese cake is a new flavour, from smashed Jaffa, crushed pineapple lumps and this weeks is After dinner Mint.
    Love your web site , it’s so great for our Gordonton Village.
    Michele Bishop
    FirePot Café.

  2. My husband and I visited The Firepot Cafe because my daughter Louise Mora works there and we wanted to see her workplace. The food and atmosphere was lovely and on both times we have visited the place has been busy even though the weather was not fine. The Staff were friendly and polite we were able to have a few minutes with Louise as she escaped from the busy kitchen to say hello :). I AM VERY PROUD TO SAY the Louise Mora, the Chef mentioned in the above report is my daughter and we too are very proud of her and the high standard of her dishes. Keep it up girl and all the best dear.

  3. alison says:

    One is surprised that you had room for dessert!

    It all sounds wonderful & we must make the journey from Hamilton North very soon 🙂

  4. alison says:

    Can now attest to the wondrousness of the churros 😀 Crisp & light, & the chocolate and berry sauces were delightful.

  5. Roy Burke says:

    Most impressive, but can they make the morning for roving Cafe Commandos?

    • number8network says:

      Of course they can, and not that long ago I suggested we all meet there, ‘member? How about next time then?

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