Kitty comes home to roost

Strange things can happen when fowl go clucky, says Horsham Down’s Stephanie Lynch.

Her son Daniel’s chicken – Captain Puffel Face  – went missing, and was finally found, tucked up in the garden.

“The strange thing was a little face poked its head out from under the chook! It gave Daniel a huge fright and he ran inside to tell us. We didn’t quite believe his wild story but on investigation there was a kitten under the chicken!”

The kitten seems to be a wild kitten, and the chicken has taken it under her wing, literally!

“She is very protective over the kitten and growls when we come near. It’s very cute!”

"Ain't nobody here but us chickens!"
“Ain’t nobody here but us chickens!”

Daniel loves his chickens, Stephanie says. “Captain Puffel Face was raised by him from a one-day old chick last year. The boys have a little business selling eggs from their chooks. They only have enough to supply a few families but it gives them a bit of pocket money after they pay for the chook food.”

She says she is not sure what will happen to the kitten. “We’re going to feed it and see if it becomes friendly and go from there. We already have two wonderful cats and one gets very anxious so not sure if another cat will make that worse…”

Other media have picked up the story, click here for the item from the Marlborough Times (via the Waikato Times!)

So, if anyone wants a lovely kitten who might have a tendency to roost, get in touch!

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