School letterbox for the birds

Nov 26th, 2014 | By | Category: News


Mr and Mrs Starling, of Puketaha, are doing their best to start a family – in the school letter box.

“They’re very determined,” says secretary Christine Jeffery who discovered a build-up of dry grass and weeds when clearing the mail recently.

For the first few days she cleared the debris away and then was away three days – “When I returned it was too late, they’d built a proper nest.”

Giving in to nature, she was pleased to see two eggs appear.  Then disaster – over the weekend someone cleared out the letterbox, nest, eggs and all.

But the birds came back, just as determined as ever and built nest number 2.

This time a notice has been placed on the school letterbox and caretaker Roy Christoffenson has made a temporary letterbox for the school’s mail.

Christine is keeping an eagle-eye on her charges.  “We’re so rapt to see them having another go.”

All the best, Mr and Mrs S.

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3 Comments to “School letterbox for the birds”

  1. Judy says:

    Loved the stories recorded this week Annette, thank you for your good work J

  2. Brenda Kebbell says:

    we have exactly the same thing happening in ours, no eggs yet though. I love the country life

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