Roadside rubbish a bane

Rubbish by the road

Last week we ran a story on the roadside rubbish collected by a Ngaruawahia resident.

Puketaha’s Mike Taylor sent this photo in of his latest haul from Seddon Rd.

This, including an iron, is from a 60-metre stretch on his side of the road, starting from the corner of Puketaha Rd.

Mike collects the roadside rubbish three or four times a year, depending on how bad the littering is, and says it’s the bane of his life.

“I have a theory that when they come around the corner they slow and try to throw it in the drain, or when they’re waiting at the giveway, they just unload their rubbish.”

Holland Rd is another popular dumping ground.  “We go into town that way a lot.  It’s a big problem with no easy solution.  The council have been good, they have come and picked up the bigger items such as TVs.”

People are too lazy to put their rubbish out for collection and it’s not cheap to go to the dump, he says.

“Unfortunately it is the world we live in.”

Last week Ngaruawahia’s Brynn Elwin collected what could be recycled along his 1.5km stretch of Driver Rd – and got everything in the photo below.

“I don’t know how anyone can feel okay throwing rubbish out their car window or worse, pulling up and dumping piles. To the minority that do this, please stop.”

Dumped rubbish

N8N is impressed by the efforts of Mike and Brynn, keep up the good work, guys.

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