Rain watch by Mike the mower man

Mike Taylor the rain manLookit that.  It’s not raining. But how much rain was there last month? Number 8 Network seeks the answer from Puketaha rain watcher Mike Taylor, assisted by Gordonton’s David Riddell.


Puketaha: 136mm

Gordonton: 140mm

So Gordonton gets the chocolate fish this time. The wettest day, the 16th, produced 34mm in Puketaha and 46mm in Gordonton. It rained on 20 days in Puketaha and 18 days in Gordonton.

Hamilton’s average is 133.6mm, so this is close to an average July, although the number of rainy days is slightly above average.


Puketaha Rainfall July 2018



Gordonton Rainfall July 2018


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