…and they’re off

May 29th, 2013 | By | Category: News

The cows were kept well out of the way, and only a few pukeko were surprised to see most of Gordonton School turn up for the annual cross-country run today.

The conditions were a little soft under foot after the wintery blast of the day before but the sun shone in a clear blue sky. 

The students ran like the wind – and Number 8 Network braved the chill to grab a few pics.

Results coming soon.

Wait for it…

DSC_0201 LR

And they’re off, racing this time:

DSC_0206 LR

DSC_0235 LR

DSC_0241 LR

Everyone needs cheering on, and the nearby child centre was happy to help out:

DSC_0251 LR

DSC_0213 LR

Number 8 Network reckons we need a cup of tea after watching all that running.  Well done everyone!

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