Sweet win at honey awards

Congratulations to Horsham Down’s Sweetreee Honey for winning silver at the recent National Beekeepers Honey Competition.  Martin and Stephanie Lynch’s honey also won individually:

  • Hakarimata honey won gold (1st place) in the ‘Beekeepers Special Reserve’ honey competition.
  • Bee pollen also won gold (1st prize) in the ‘Dried Bee Pollen’ section.
  • Propolis Tincture received a bronze (3rd Prize) in ‘Product from the Hive’. T

These awards are judged purely on the product with no packaging, marketing or gimmicks to detract from the honey.

“We are very excited about the results, there is a lot of focus on manuka in the industry (for good reason), but these awards recognise the wonderful diversity and quality of bee products produced here in New Zealand – and in particular the unique and special honeys.”

Well done guys. You can find Sweetree Honey in Gordonton, at The Farm Shop, at the Gordonton Country Market (second Saturday of every month) and at the Hamilton Farmers’ Market.  (As well as other quality outlets!)

Watch Martin harvesting the Marokopa Spring honey  by clicking here.

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