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A group of ‘arborists’ is operating in Hamilton, saying they work for Hamilton City Council. They have also been active in Tamahere, offering tree trimming and similar services.

“On occasions these approaches have not gone well,” a police spokesman said. “At a later time or date there have then been burglaries or thefts in the area.”

Now an alert has gone out from Hamilton City Council’s Parks and Open Spaces manager Sally Sheedy – “A 93-year-old gentleman contacted us after he dealt with the group. Claiming to be working on behalf of Council, they charged him $450 to remove branches from one of his trees which were hanging over the footpath.”

The men could not produce any identification to prove they worked for Council and were not in a vehicle bearing the logo.

“They left after carrying out a pretty shoddy job, and cashed the gentleman’s cheque within 15 minutes of leaving his property,” Miss Sheedy said. “We are horrified by this.”

The incident was subsequently reported to Council staff, who relayed the information to Hamilton Police.
Council staff have specific processes they work through with residents whose trees require attention.

“We would not turn up un-announced and carry out physical work on private property,” Miss Sheedy says. “If works were required, our staff would initially meet with the resident to discuss the work needed, they would be carrying Council identification, and they would arrive in a Council-branded vehicle.”

Miss Sheedy urged anyone approached by people claiming to work for Council – but unable to produce proof – to decline offers to carry out work and contact both Council and police immediately.

Neighbourhood supportWhile on the topic, here are the burglary statistics for June:

Gordonton Rd  3x, Hukanui Rd 1x, Piako Rd 2x, River Rd 3x.

The full break-down is:

Amberley Pl. 1, Anson Ave. 1, Ashurst Ave. 1, Ashwick Tce. 1, Aspiring Cres. 1, Ballantrae Pl. 1, Balmerino Cres. 1, Bankwood Rd. 1, Barwick Pl. 1, Bayswater Crt. 1, Bouverie Cres. 4, Bryant Rd.2, Carlyle Ave. 1, Cashmere Pl. 1, Challinor St. 1, Chequers Ave. 1, Clarkin Rd. 6, Clements Cres. 1, Coleraine Dr. 1, Comries Rd. 1, Cussen St. 2, Dalethorpe Ave. 1,Dalmont Pl. 1, Douglas Cres. 1, Ellerslie Ave. 1, Fairfield Rd. 1, Gibbston Cl. 1, Golden Pl. 1, Gordonton Rd. 3, Gudex Crt. 1, Heath St. 1, Hendon Rd. 1, Holland Rd. 1, Hukanui Rd. 1, Hume Pl. 1, Huntington Dr. 1, Insoll Ave. 2, Jamieson Cres. 1, Laurence St. 2, Lynden Crt. 1, Magee Pl. 1, Masefield Dr. 1, McLaren Pl. 1, Mears Rd. 2, Northmeadow Dr. 3, Northway St. 1, Oldfield Crt. 1, Oxford St. 1, Perindale Dr. 1, Piako Rd. 2, Powells Rd. 1, Raymond St. 1, River Rd. 3, Ronald Crt. 1, Ross Cres. 1, Rumney St. 1, Rutherford St. 2, Sandwich Rd. 2, Sare Cres. 1, Sarindah Pl. 1, Simsey Pl. 1, Springfield Cres. 1, St James Dr. 1, Te Rapa Rd. 3, Thorpe St. 1, Tongariro St. 1, Tramway Rd. 3, Tranmere Rd. 1, Verel St. 2, Vermont St. 2, Vickery St. 1, Winstone Ave. 1.

  • Call 111 for urgent/emergency situations. For all other calls phone 858 6200.
  • To contact Neighbourhood Support phone 858 2779.

 – Burglary statistics from Neighbourhood Support Hamilton, Hamilton North.

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