Calving season ‘textbook’

Aw, come on!
Aw, come on! (It’s a dog’s life…)

Sally Stewart

Sally Stewart asks local farmers and fellow vets how they rate the 2013 calving season.

(Please note, she adds, the rambling of the vets and the frankness of the farmers.)


1  Easy
2  Textbook
3  Marvellous
4  Phenomenal
5  Best in 40 + years
6  One out of the box
7  Above average
8  Amazing
9  Perfect season for calving
10 Brilliant


11 Typical for spring’s trials triumphs and tragedies
12 The best and kindest in decades; good grass, next to no mud, good sunshine and happy cows and farmers,   excepting Fonterra woes…!
13 Beautiful sunshine and grass for all but not without its usual tricks and a few twists – referring to 12 uterine torsions in two weeks!

How would you describe it?  Email Number8Network here.  And send pics, if you want.

Gordonton’s Ian Taylor has featured in a news item on TV One – click here for the video.  There’s too much grass, he says.

Spring lamb
Well, I say it’s the best season yet, thanks for asking. Pic: Sally Stewart

Let’s hope it goes as well as last season’s, which has been described as outstanding. Accountancy firm CooperAitken was quoted in the Waikato Times recently as saying average production was up nearly 10 per cent without an increase in cow numbers in the Waikato.

Click here for the full story. And in the meantime, enjoy the sunshine!

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