Great Ride under way

Derek Houghton
Before the ride, in Gordonton

Gordonton local Derek Houghton is on his bike, taking part in the Great Australian Ride.

With 11 other motorcyclists, he has set off on a 20-day, 8000-km trip from one side of Australia to the other, raising funds for money for SIDS and Kids, a charity organisation dedicated to the support of families who have lost children to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or cot death.

Derek was a stallholder at the Gordonton Country Market, raising funds and awareness.  The Ride started on Sunday 18 August, with a big send off from Bryon Bay lighthouse, he told Number 8 Network.

“Fifty other bikers met us to ride with us for half a day as part of the send off. There was also a highway patrol escort out of Byron Bay.”

He says they have now reached $AU29,000 in donations and have a target of $AU40,000 for SIDS and Kids by the end of the ride.

“A huge thanks to all the people who have supported me and made donations.  I’ve met a number of people who have been through the loss of a child and heard about the work that SIDS and Kids do in the community and your support makes a real difference and is greatly appreciated.”

The team
Derek and his riding buddies

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A GPS Spot tracker has been activated and anyone wanting to follow their progress online can do so by clicking this link.

There will also be updates on here and here.

Best of luck to Derek and his dirt-bike dozen!

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