Expressway causes ‘huge’ problems: resident

Tanya Clancy is concerned about a lack of consultation by New Zealand Transport Agency and the Waikato Expressway.

In an effort to show a united front, residents from Taupiri and Kainui have formed a group, “As a community – living with the Ngaruawahia Expressway.” Tanya, who runs Gordonton’s The Farm Shop, is group spokesperson.

In the Waikato Times, she said they wanted to warn those who were going to be affected as work continues.

“Don’t go through what we’ve gone through. Be cautious, ask the questions, don’t take what they [NZTA] say as gospel. Demand regular meetings, don’t let them put you off because they will do.”

Ms Clancy said Taupiri residents were having “huge problems” with the effects of engine braking.

She said sleep deprivation was a problem – “We’ve got people walking around with bags bigger than suitcases underneath their eyes because during the day they’re coping with the noise but by night time . . .”

Dairy farmers were also suffering. “They lose productive land. We’ve got two in our area that have lost water through drainage and no water whatsoever because the table has dropped.”

NZTA project services manager Peter Simcock told the Times noise volumes had been measured.   “… the results indicate that noise levels are within the acceptable range and comply with our designation conditions.

“However, since the measurements were taken during a period of unexpected rain and wind we have decided to undertake a second round of monitoring.”

Engine braking was a specific type of noise caused by external factors the NZTA couldn’t control. He said neither the council or the police could regulate as there was no bylaw to enforce.

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