More facial eczema cows needed for study

A study that aims to identify a biomarker in milk that could be used to detect facial eczema early needs more dairy cows.

“We still need to enrol more herds with recent new cases of facial eczema, within the last three days, as diagnosed by the owner or the vet. Suitable herds will have blood and milk samples taken from cases and 30 selected cows from the herd,” says Cognosco, the research division of Anexa Animal Health which is running the project on behalf of LIC.

Herd owners will receive promptly the results of tests for liver damage, and additionally blood zinc levels.

“The financial value of this testing would amount to at least $200 and will help owners understand the extent of herd facial eczema liver damage and whether the herd’s zinc dosing programme is effective.”

To take part in the study, contact Anexa Veterinary Clinic on 0800 2843838 for more information.

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