Roadside Rubbish

There’s a lot of trash lying around our roadsides, but luckily some people are doing something about it.  Horsham Downs Claudia Aalderink caught two rubbish busters in the act.

Rubbish busters Richard Martin and Kayne McVeigh
Rubbish busters Richard Martin and Kayne McVeigh

Have you ever noticed how much trash is lying around on the side of the road?  Some people use the beautiful countryside as a dump station for anything that is no longer of any use to them.

This is a sad development and some time ago I had the idea to have a ‘Kainui Clean-up Day” with all the (willing) neighbors in my street. Realising that everybody is leading a busy life I thought it might be a nice way to combine a working bee with a neighborly get together and most of all a ‘get-to-know-each other’.

Unfortunately I haven’t had the time to organise such a thing, but I am still astounded by the things I see lying around.

The roadside rubbish seems to ‘grow’ at certain places, enticing other people to add to the pile ranging from rubbish bags with household rubbish to televisions or microwaves.

To my great delight I saw these two wonderful men doing a fantastic job in making our street look great for winter! They must have drawn the shortest straw when the jobs were given out that week, but I want to praise them anyway.

On a cold winter’s day in the Waikato they worked hard at cleaning up other people’s mess. I counted eight full rubbish bags in their truck and they hadn’t finished yet.

Thank you Richard Martin and Kayne McVeigh for showing us all how to be a tidy Kiwi!

For more information about waste management or recycling call the Refuse & Recycling Centre on 0800 10 10 10.

On the job...
On the job…



Claudia Aalderlink produces Claudia’s Corner exclusively for N8N.  A whimsical, weekly photographic column on anything that takes her fancy.

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One thought on “Roadside Rubbish

  • June 10, 2014 at 9:56 am

    Yes I agree with you Claudia, I have noticed a lot of rubbish on the roadsides lately too.
    Great idea about getting neighbours together for a clean up and get to know you couple of hours
    cup of tea/coffee afterwards!


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