Lamb time

Calves, lambs and kids of the two-legged variety are getting ready for the fast approaching Agricultural Days.

Puketaha School pupils are hard at work on their animals, and sent in the photographic evidence to Number 8 Network.

Lambs and kids
LOOKING GOOD – Alice Watson, left, with Spark, Rosie Savage and Pixie and Max Watson with Trixie

Children spend up to eight weeks prior to Group Day learning all aspects of animal care, from feeding, grooming and training to health and breeds.

Hamilton North Schools Agricultural Group has been supporting schools with their calf club days for more than 60 years.  Click here for a story on their history. 

Puketaha School has been involved since 1947 and today’s students are concentrating on making sure their animals look their best. The school holds its Ag Day on Tuesday 21 October, from 10am.

Gordonton School holds its Ag Day on October 24, from 10am; Tauhei Combined School Saturday October 18, from 10am; Horsham Downs School: October 23, from 10am.    Good luck, one and all!

Wait for it…

Children and lambs
And they’re off!

Click here for photographs from last year’s Group Day on Number 8 Network.  Local vet Sally Moore shared some tips on looking after calf club animals, click this link for more.

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