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StarsGordonton School’s Room 3 transformed into a newsroom recently, with cub reporters, eager-eyed photographers and a swag of pencil pushing subeditors. The event the young media stars reported on was the school’s annual Calf Club Day, overseen by Editors Nicky Pearce and Katrina Banks.

Number 8 Network’s Annette Taylor and Iris Riddell gave the young ‘uns a tip or two but were seriously impressed at the talent these young news hounds displayed. The future of journalism is in good hands.

Caitlin Johnson Vet on the run

The Vet On The Run!

Caitlin Johnson reports on the special role vets have at Calf Club Day.

Furious winds would not stop all these determined kids with their furry friends from winning ribbons at the Gordonton School Ag Day.

Standing out from all the others was not a kid or an animal but a vet.

Lucy started loving animals when she was just a toddler. The passion came from helping her Mum and Dad on the farm with the cows.

Lucy was born in Gurnsley England. She has been a vet for four  years.

Lucy is the Gordonton vet with some others at Anexa.  Her chocolate brown hair smells of animals as she walks around the calves, kids are excited knowing they have won a first.

Lucy spent the day asking questions about the health of their animal.  What a day Lucy had.


Take a bow, Barry

Calf club Barry 1Room 3 Special Reporter Trista Bailey investigates what is behind the name of a very special sheep.  Photographer Da Eun Kim capurtures the moment.

THE unusual named sheep, Uncle Barry, waited in the crowd of dozens of other Gordonton School students as they attended their annual agriculture day recently.

Many Gordonton school students arrived with beautifully groomed goats, calves and lambs. However there was one lamb that stood out from the rest.

Uncle Barry took part in the agriculture day with his six-year-old owner James Roberts.

James said he gave his lamb the name of Uncle Barry because it was the first thing that came to his mind.

Barry 2
According to James’ sister, Sophie, they do actually have an uncle called Barry. Uncle Barry was not only a big hit for his unusual name but he was a star in the ring also, receiving 2nd in leading, 3rd in calling and 4th in rearing.

Eight-year-old Sophie said “he can be calm and crazy.”  We can’t wait to hear what James will call next year’s animal.

barry 3


Rosies Reign of Glory

Hannah Stobbie

Reporter Josh Gurnell talks to a real champ.

Animals big and small arrived in cars, floats and trailers for Gordonton Schools annual Ag Day.

But one calf in particular stood out from the rest.  Hannah Stobbie and her calf Rosie were presented with pride in pristine condition and the judges thought so too, winning many ribbons.

As the day went on Hannah Stobbies stash of ribbons grew larger and larger until her calf was covered in a layer of red and purple.

Overall Hannah was wrapped with the hall of ribbons that she came away with.

She was very proud of her success.  Hannah’s highlight of the day was winning Champion of Champions.


Sadness has a flip side

Bayley S files this special story of loss and triumph.  Sub-editor Grace P and photographer Da eun K add their talent.

JUST two days out from the annual Agricultural day at Gordonton School, Ella Day experienced the most tragic loss at the worst time possible.

Ella went out to give her goat the morning feed only to find that it had died over night. For three months Ella had being preparing Buddy for the big day and it’s all falling to pieces.

Ella was devastated at the loss of her beloved goat. She couldn’t believe after all the work she had put in she was going to miss out on her favourite school event.

However Ella’s dad, Glen Day, had a brain storm, and went to ring the local goat farmer from down the road. Luckily they had a goat that was suitable for a replacement.

With only two days to spare Ella had very little time to train and practice with her new goat Buddy. Surprisingly the crash course training in their driveway really worked wonders.

On the day of the event Ella amazingly won most obvious pet and 3rd in rearing.

Saddness has a flip side

Ella said she was really surprised and over the moon with her new goats achievement. What a great ending for such a tragic story.


Successful day for the committee

 Reporter Natania Gray does a round-up of Calf Club day and talks with the people that made it all possible.

Hayley Van Hellemond

LAMBS, goats, calves and their owners all gather for another successful Ag day at Gordonton School.

Months of training and hours of preparation paid off for most students as colourful ribbons draped around winning animals as their owners pranced with pride.

Ag days head organisers Hayley Van Hellemond and Brenda Stobie hard work had paid off. Van Hellemond said that watching the children receive ribbons and seeing the smiles on children’s faces made the hard work more worthwhile.

She also said a lot of unseen time and effort goes into organising the annual Ag day event.  This includes ordering ribbons and trophies, getting food stalls and setting up the activities.

All members off the committee have different roles, and everyone works together to make things work out well.

The committee is a big part of Ag day because they make it happen. Hayley Van Hellemond started calf club at the age of four.  She started off with lambs and then moved on to calves. The committee was very lucky because it was not the best weather but that didn’t wipe away the fun and excitement.

Gordonton School is very thankful for all the hard work. The committee had a successful day full of fun and smiles and that’s what the committee aimed for.


Room 3, take a bow, says Number 8 Network.  Well done, each and every one of you.

“By crikey, those young ‘uns are just full of talent. Nothing sheepish about them, at all!”




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    Great stuff! Well done to all the reporters, photographers and sub-editors at Gordonton School for some excellent reporting. (And to Annette and their teacher for making it all happen.)


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