Police praise victim following attempted Gordonton kidnapping

HAMILTON Police are saying an overseas student subjected to an attempted kidnapping at Gordonton’s Eastwest College of Intercultural Studies did everything right when she escaped her attacker.

Detective Sergeant Will Loughrin of the Hamilton CIB said the 18-year-old overseas student was studying in the library of the religious studies facility on College Drive when she heard a noise on Wednesday night.

“Then all of a sudden as she was working at a computer, she was grabbed around the neck and dragged by an attacker who we believe was trying to get her to a car parked on the grass outside an adjoining room.

“Unable to scream very loudly due to being held round the throat, the woman has kicked and lashed out, scratching the man with her fingernails before breaking free.”

Mr Loughrin said the victim ran to get help while the offender fled to a car parked outside on the grass.   It is through this vehicle Police hope the public can lead them towards finding the man responsible.

“The only description we have of the man is he was Maori or Polynesian and aged in his early twenties.

“His car was described as a white, older model station-wagon and we believe this vehicle may have been loitering around the Eastwest College of Intercultural Studies’ campus recently.”

Mr Loughrin said Police were interested to hear from anyone who may have seen a car similar to this in the general Gordonton area recently.

“This victim has obviously been quite traumatised by what has happened and we are ensuring she gets the support she needs from Victim Support and from translation services.

“People who find themselves in similar situations are advised to try and make as much noise as possible and defend yourself by using sufficient force to prevent harm to yourself or those with you.  If someone does attempt to take you away, go to the nearest place other people are to raise the alarm.”

Further safety tips are available on the NZ Police website, click here.

If you have any information on this case, phone the Hamilton Police Station on 858 6200 or leave information anonymously on 0800 555111.

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