Santa Paws visits Diesel the supermarket kitty

Diesel christmas 1

DIESEL the (famous) Countdown cat has had a secret visit from Santa. Number 8 Network reports that Santa Paws – aided and abetted by her daughter – struck with their tinsel on Saturday night when the lights were low.

“We were very busy putting up the tinsel when Diesel suddenly appeared out of nowhere to inspect our work – we got such a fright!

“Our decorations are very basic – we are a bit worried about putting up anything too flash in case they get stolen.”

Diesel’s original mat, donated by Gingerboy (and Jenny) from Pet Essentials, and his yellow food bowl, went  missing in the past.

We think the decorations are purrfect, well done tinsel team.

Only Diesel, and Number 8 Network, know who the Yuletide decorators are and when this picture was taken the cat in question seemed to thoroughly approve of events.

Merry Christmas Diesel. You’ll be able to get in a few more sleeps before Christmas!

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