Spill on Gordonton Rd causes chaos

DRIVERS on State Highway 1B are warned to take extra care and reduce speed after a substance has spilled on the road between Gordonton and Taupiri.
Several non-injury crashes have been reported to police and other drivers are having difficulty keeping traction on the bends. It is not known what the spill is, it might be diesel or some similar slippery substance.
A friend of Number 8 Network says he experienced trouble on the road this morning. “It was insane. I came across a rollover accident too.”
His sedately driven old jag went sideways at 95km/h on a gentle bend, then twice at roundabouts over the expressway.
Periodic rain is aggravating the situation and police are on the scene to prevent further crashes and encourage drivers to slow down.
Council and State Highway workers are currently cleaning the road but due to the extent of the spillage this may take some time.

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Number 8 Network - a community website for the rural areas northeast of Hamilton, NZ, is run by Gordonton journalist/editor Annette Taylor.

One thought on “Spill on Gordonton Rd causes chaos

  • March 10, 2015 at 10:53 am

    Did they find out what was on the road? I heard someone suggest it might be diesel? J


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