Rocket sets record

"Look up in the sky!" Photo: Annette Taylor
“Look up in the sky!” Photo: Annette Taylor

Rocket enthusiasts had a blast on Sunday with the annual National Rocket Day near Taupiri. 

Folk came from all around the country, and there was even a group from India.  And the highlight of the day was the launch of a rocket that broke records, reports Stuff news site.

Wellington teenager Jack Davies holds the title of the largest amateur rocket launch in the country, after launching a 53kg rocket, named Marsden.

The rocket reached 13,200ft.

“The flight was perfectly successful, it travelled just under the speed of sound,” Davies said.

“It accelerated at 8gs, eight times the force of gravity.


New Zealand Rocketry Association president Evan More said the event was a chance for members to get together and swap information on rocketry.

“What we are here to do is promote science as well and for young people to get hands-on work with rockets,” he said.  “People were able to come along today to see how to build a rocket and be part of something you can do with your hands.”

Click this link for video footage.

Up she goes. Photo: Annette Taylor

And click here for photos from Number 8 Network’s story in 2013.



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