Book box gets yarn bombed

The Gordonton Book Box is looking mighty fine this morning – it’s been yarn bombed!

The colourful crochet is the work of Colleen Rose, who is also responsible for the matching lamppost at The Mandarin Tree.

Colleen at work. Photo: Claudia Aalderink


Yarn bombing Waikato
Good looking yarns. Photo: Annette Taylor

In place since January, the Book Box is working well – new books are appearing and the feedback has been great.  Pop on by with a book or two, and check some out.  It’s open for business all the time and looking especially stylish!

Thanks Colleen, and Claudia who covered her costs.

Yarn bombing of the Waikato
Come and take a look. Or a book. And do drop one back some time! Photo: Annette Taylor
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