You’ve got mail, maybe

Rural delivery exampleDoes your mail box look like this?

If it doesn’t you are, most likely unintentionally but nevertheless truly, giving our hardworking rural mail delivery driver a helluver time, says Tamahere Forum’s Philippa Stevenson.

It’s a wonder the mail makes it in some dilapidated, unsuitable or ill-sited boxes at all.

As for rubbish day. Whew! How many of us use the mail box post as a convenient leaning post for the teetering rubbish bag? Pity the poor postie who on rubbish day has to negotiate yet another hazard on the run let alone put up with the pong.

It’s testament to the legion of drivers and their dedication that the mail does get through.

A Forum reader has raised the issue of letterbox design and placement after witnessing the rural delivery van on part of its run recently. The contortions of van and man were near acrobatic to get to poorly sited boxes or ones with their openings apparently placed more for the convenience of the receiver rather than the deliverer, she said.

Can you ask Tamahere people to take a second look at their mailboxes and check they are of the right type and are placed well for the rural delivery van driver, she asked.  (This goes for Number 8 Network readers as well!)

Click here for NZ Post rural mailbox guidelines.

But wait – there’s more!  Click this link for the original story including a piece on mailbox louts and Philippa’s account of going on a rural delivery run, starting at 3am from Hamilton’s sorting centre.

Colour Number 8 Network impressed. (But in need of our beauty sleep!)

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