Dance of the tractors in Morrinsville

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There were more rustic old tractors, stationary engines and farm equipment than you could point a stick at the Vintage Tractor & Machinery Memorabilia Weekend in Morrinsville. 

Number 8 Network’s Annette Taylor filled her thermos, packed her sandwiches and took off to the event organised by the Waikato Vintage Tractor and Machinery Club.

There was a huge crowd of admiring spectators, including this local out for the day with his family.

Gordonton's John Bridgman

Gordonton’s John Bridgman enjoying the day (explaining why he would rather be photographed next to a Ford!)

They came in every colour and so many different makes that words failed.  Luckily the camera can tell the tale:

Old Fordson tractor detail

Vintage tractor

There was plenty of time to check out some of the finer points of the machinery.

Vintage tractors

Vintage tractor

Vintage car

Vintage car

Stationary engine

A stationary engine, state-of-the-art technology 100 years ago.

And there really was tractor dancing – or synchronised tractor driving.  Some very good moves were executed.


Tractor dancing

Vintage tractor dancing

This old hay bailer attracted many an admiring stare.

Old hay bailer

As did this old girl, with some young ones standing by.

German tractor

There was even an on-going demonstration on how to make hay the old-fashioned way.

Old fashioned hay making


And down she comes…


Old-fashioned hay making


Vintage tractor

Still time to chat…

Vintage tractors

Then, at the end of the day, came the Grand Parade.  A glorious sight and sound it was.

Vintage tractors

The Earth shook when this one took to the field –

Vintage tractor


Vintage tractors

That’s all folks. Thank you so very much, Waikato Vintage Tractor and Machinery Club.  It’s wonderful knowing all these beauties are being so well looked after.


Vintage tractors

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