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Number 8 Network does a round-up of news and happenings from around our district.

Lightning splits tree
Vic and Pat Rosser made the news when a tree on their Horsham Downs property was smashed to smithereens in last week’s storm (Waikato Times, 16 May.)
“I didn’t know what it was but it was definitely the loudest crack of lightning I’d ever heard,” said Vic. Pat was in the middle of cooking dinner when the bolt struck.
The next morning they found the remnants of the tree scattered about, with splinters flown 50 metres away. The tree will be fuel for their fire later this winter.

Click here for a photograph and story.

Plan online. Photo: NZTA
Plan online. Photo: NZTA

Start your journey online
Waikato motorists are being advised to start their journey at their computer desk to avoid delays. The NZ Transport Agency says contractors are out in force, working on highways and major projects such as the Waikato Expressway.
Checking the Agency’s website before travelling can help choose the best routes and times to start journeys.

Motorists can check out and sign up to On The Move.

People passing through the Rangiriri Section of the Waikato Expressway are urged to take extra care, watch for lane changes and adhere to the reduced speed limit.

More on the Founders
Arts advocacy organisation Creative Waikato will host community discussion on the options for Founders Theatre this Wednesday 25 May. The session will give the community a chance to talk about the three options Hamilton City Council is presenting – refurbishment of the existing theatre, construction of a new theatre, or demolition.

Hamilton City Council’s Sean Murray and Richard Sutherland, who are responsible for management of the city’s theatres, will be present.

There are two sessions – 12pm-2pm, and 5pm-7pm – and the discussions will be held at The Meteor.

More than 700 submissions on Founders have already been received by the Council from the Waikato community. For an earlier story, click here.

Serious accident on Gordonton Rd
Three people were hospitalised after multiple vehicles crashed in wet conditions on a road on Gordonton Rd last week (Waikato Times, 16 May.)

The crash happened near the Zealong Tea Estate, on the first day of police’s week-long Road Safety Week campaign.

Click here for the full story.

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