New info sought on old pics

Photo of the old Gordonton hall


FEAST your eyes on wonderful pics of our old hall.  Actually, while you’re at it – do you know anything about these photos?

Sent in by Perry Rice, from Hamilton City Libraries, they were taken mainly by museum staff in the 1970s to 1990s.

“Regrettably we don’t have a comprehensive catalogue as to location and/or names of people. We also do not know the chronology of many of the photos.

“We are very interested in learning any detail that can be supplied by those who remember buses, churches, shops, schools and other locations and structures within the Gordonton area.

“We would be delighted to hear of any information you glean or indeed anything you know yourselves.”

This series feature photographs of our old hall –



The old Gordonton hall


Photo of historic gordonton


The old Gordonton hall


The old Gordonton hall


Hamilton City Libraries has recently digitised parts of a 70,000 strong collection of photographs.

If you know anything about these photos or know someone who might – send an email.  Perry would love to hear from you.

All pics are copyright to Hamilton City Council, by the way.


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