Input needed on Gordonton’s history

Photo of old Gordonton hall
Gordonton’s old community hall. Photo: Hamilton City Library, hcl_m00779-3.

Gordonton’s history was well and truly on the agenda at last month’s Gordonton District Committee meeting and a call has been made for input from everyone in the community.

“We identified that we need to preserve our history in a pro-active manner, and use this to bring our community together, and keep our identity,” said committee member Tanya Clancy.

As part of the 5-10 year strategic planning session ways to manage the heritage of the village were discussed, as well as the area from Gordonton Rd on/off ramp to the Expressway to Graham Rd (not excluding Horsham Downs, Whitikahu.)

“The plan will establish priority actions and the resources to implement them, as well as providing opportunities for all of us to play an important role as guardians of our heritage. We’d like to spread word of what we’re doing, and get people amped up and asking questions of our elders, to share these stories and photos with the wider community.”

Tanya and chairman Richard Riddell will compile the history together in one place and present back to the committee for agreement.

“Then we will work towards getting a Heritage Trail classification as well as producing a book, and putting up History Story Boards around the village with help from Waikato District Council.

“The first point of interest, in our long journey, will be Gordonton Domain. Who out there has stories, memories or information to help us with this community project. We have some big gaps and are looking forward to filling them.”

For more information, contact Tanya on 0274 765 844 .

*For some historic photographs of Gordonton and the Waikato, check out the History section on the top bar of Number 8 Network.  Here are some photos of the village from Hamilton City Libraries Perry Rice  and there are many more old treats going further back.

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