Three cheers for the book box!

The Gordonton Book Box photo
Marian stands up for the book box!

The Gordonton Book Box is full of wonderful reading – historic novels, novel novels, autobiographies, music CDs – you never know what you’ll find.

And it’s had a make-over. Resene paints (bless them) donated a ton of test pots and over the summer the little community book library was freshly painted and then artists set loose on it.

Gordonton’s Queen of Calligraphy Marian Riddell unleashed her talent with brush and paint, writing what it’s all about in beautiful words. And Rosie Campbell, artist-about-town, painted a purple dragon on the spot, curled around what might be one of Gordonton’s old oak trees. (“Nope, not an oak” – Rosie) (“But it could be” – HR) (“Nope.”) There are also sprouting mushrooms, flowers and a sleepy doormouse. (“It’s a mouse” – Rosie)

Whatever, the Book Box is open for business and all are welcome. Since it was put up by community website’s Annette Tayor in 2013, it has largely looked after itself. The idea is to take a book and leave a book. Sometimes there are too many books inside – in which case, please help yourself to two books and don’t worry about adding one.

This is the library where you get to be the Librarian!



Photo of Book Box being painted
Rosie hard at work painting a meadow of mushrooms.
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