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Five-year-old Azare started at Gordonton School last week and he’s loving it.  But regulations are making the start of the school day hard for Ray, his dad.

Ray works in Gordonton from 8am Monday to Thursday but he’s not able to drop Azare off at the school until 8.15am – “I’m a bit stuck.  My son isn’t allowed to be dropped off at school until 8.15am and there is no before school care in Gordonton”

He wonders if Azare could join a family who attends the school.  “He is well behaved, and is a good listener.”

Comments on the Facebook page on which Ray posted his dilemma suggest that the rules are because of safety concerns.

One commenter said they had been in the same position – “it’s hard for working parents.”

Old telephone
“Good morning Aunty! How are you?”

Number 8 Network is just across the paddock from the school and we were happy to have Azare spend time with us this morning.  He was fascinated by our old telephone and dialled up aunty in Gisborne then spotted starlings and pukekos with the binoculars.

We can have him here this week and Monday, but have other commitments after that which means we can’t do this long-term.

Is there someone local who can help out or have any suggestions?  Send us an email here.  He’s a great kid.

Tomorrow we’re going to see how good he is at Empire Quoits!

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