Moxy doxy dump trucks and mud

Jun 11th, 2018 | By | Category: News

Our regular picture round-up of cool things happening in our Home Range.

The fog cleared, the blue sky arrived and the big yellow machines came out to play! Check out this great pic of Huimai Playcentre’s visit to the Huntly Section of the Waikato Expressway on the first of June. The children were in awe of the big graders, bulldozers, diggers, rollers and moxy dump trucks.  So would N8N be!

Huimai Playcentre


But of course, the sun went away and the rain has been pelting.   Great Beginnings Gordonton asks what to do when the rain has turned their sand pit delicious and muddy? Get right in of course ! “Our mucky pups have been having so much fun over the last two weeks creating bridges and farms with the trucks and planks.”

mud at Great Beginnings Gordonton



Great Beginnings Gordonton


But there’s more than enough mud to go around – here students from Orini Combined School show they can embrace mud in this year’s Tough Guy and Gal challenge.


Orini combined school



Orini combined school



Orini combined school


Here’s a champion photo of place winners at the school’s cross country run.


Orini combined school


And finally, it was stop, drop and cover time last week at Great Beginnings Gordonton.  The drill was all about keeping safe, and the four year olds showed what to do if an earthquake struck.

Great Beginnings Gordonton


If you’re doing something cool, or know someone who is – send us a pic!  It’s good to share.

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