Party at Woodlands

More than 100 children, 30 or so adults and some very well behaved small ponies converged on Woodlands Cafe last Friday.  It was the end of year Christmas party for Rainbows Early Childcare Centre and much fun was had, says Jo Worthington.

Tugs of war, pony rides, a bouncy castle – in addition to the cafe’s trolleys, toys and Wendy House there was plenty to keep the young ‘uns occcupied.  There were even activities for the parents.

“We had an awesome morning and the parents excelled at the running races.  I had planned to take part, kicking my jandals off in the process, but we had enough numbers so I did some enthusiastic and loud cheering instead,” says Jo, who says she was cheering so well that she didn’t see who came first.

She did take part in the tug-of-war between children and parents – and says her arms really ached the  next day.  “Must be old age, I did have my 47th birthday that day!”

Well done Jo, parents, uncles, aunts and Judy and her enthusiastic team at Woodlands Cafe – a very special morning indeed.  Here’s some pics from the day:

Head elf  –

The bouncy castle was a hit –

Ready to gallop – (after a bit of tucker)

Push harder!

Here he comes…

Let us in!

Who us?

But wait, there’s more.  Out of the blue a special visitor dropped by – a princess in pink.  Hamilton’s Geralyn Herd loves dressing up and charmed more than a few little ones with her costume.  The 24-year-old has dysautonomia, a neurological condition, and is, she says, prone to fainting and sometimes needs to be in a wheelchair.

This was one of the good days, and she was able to walk among the children and admire the little horses before getting her coffee.

She loves the atmosphere at Woodlands, and says it’s just magical.  “Dressing up is a nice way to fill the day and have a good time.  If it makes other people smile, it’s all worth it.”  The costume is part of a Japanese fashion, called Lollita, but two days’ later she was back again, dressed as a reindeer.

LR 0683.jpg  J with pony

Smiles all round, even from a busy Judy –

LR 0666.jpg Judy and friend

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