Tackling trash on rural road

Jul 23rd, 2018 | By | Category: News

Dumped rubbish


TRASH PILES: Every morning Brynn Elwin walks the same piece of road with his dog, and every day notices more rubbish.  So the Ngaruawahia resident decided to do something about it, and posted the result on Facebook.

Armed with a grabber pole from Mitre 10 and a few rubbish sacks, he collected what could be recycled along his 1.5km stretch of semi-rural Driver Rd – and got everything in this photo.

“I don’t know how anyone can feel okay throwing rubbish out their car window or worse, pulling up and dumping piles. To the minority that do this, please stop.”

Good work Brynn.  Number 8 Network is on Woodlands Rd, Gordonton, and has often pondered the amount of trash flung from cars and wondered why.  What’s it like elsewhere?

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7 Comments to “Tackling trash on rural road”

  1. Don says:

    It always disappointed me the amount of rubbish at the Gordonton and Whitikahu Roads intersection. There seemed to be containers etc from takeaway places that were in town and not just from Gordonton. Haven’t been there for a few years but I am presuming it’s still the same. Unfortunately the culprits probably cover quite an age range so you can’t just blame the younger folk as we are apt to do. Really can’t understand why they do it myself. You should see some of the roadsides here at times, you’d think the rubbish truck had driven down the road and dumped its load. They get cleaned up and before too long the roadsides are back to how they were before. Well done Brynn, hope the message gets through to the culprits.

    • N8N says:

      Quite agree with you Don. Hard to understand why they do it, it boggles the mind. And sadly, it seems to only take a few…

  2. Brenda says:

    I came home a few weeks ago to find a beer bottle had been thrown at the letterbox and had smashed everywhere, some of it was under the ivy underneath and could have been stood on. Before mowing the verge I have to check first – mcdonalds wrappers , bottles, cans even bits from cars!!!! They need to keep a bag inside their vehicle for rubbish like most of us do..

    • N8N says:

      That is just terrible Brenda. Broken glass in amongst the ivy – just awful. You’re so right, there’s no reason why they couldn’t bin their bought rubbish at home.

  3. Megan Mills says:

    It seems to be a problem everywhere with us “tidy Kiwis”. I live by a cycle-way and my hubby picks up rubbish from the park and bushy bit of land beside that cycle way (and our house) almost daily, you can’t let up for even a few days without it becoming horrible. Same for when we walked regularly around Western Springs park. And I see so many cigarette butts in the gutters I wonder why car manufacturers don’t staring putting ashtrays in them. Oh wait…

    • N8N says:

      Thanks for your comment Megan – it’s terrible. In Japan we seldom came across dumped trash – while everything was over packaged everyone seemed to take their trash home with them, or dispose of it properly. We could learn from this…

    • Megan Mills says:

      Um – I mean “don’t start putting”, not “don’t staring putting”! Sorry about that…

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