Pick of the crop

SPRING HAS SPRUNG!  We have proof.  Here’s a photo of Gordonton’s Kim Gardiner with a new friend. Mother Marie says her daughter loves her lambs.


Kim Gardiner


As does this mother.  Thanks for the pics Marie!


Spring lambs


And what is this?  Could it be a Moanasaurus, a marine dinosaur that lived in the seas around 70 million years ago?  Absolutely.  This stunning recycled steel sculpture by Marti Wong has just been installed in The Mandarin Tree’s garden.


Claudia Aalderink says these animals fed on prehistoric turtles and squid and grew to 12 metres.  “This is a small ‘specimen’ – will the squid get eaten, or will it get away? Pop in to take a closer look!”  We will.


Speaking of prehistoric creatures, Great Beginnings Gordonton have been making the most of the great weather and doing some outside sketching.  Love this.


Great Beginnings Gordonton


Also making the most of the great weather are these two members from Orini Combined School.


Orini Combined School



The rows of daffodils looked stunning at Clandon Daffodils the other day –


clandon daffodils


And in nearby Rototuna, Alison Campbell and her plucky poodle Ben enjoyed the evening glow as they went for their constitutional.




Have a great week.  And if you have a great pic to share, send it in!

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