Hello 2019

Summer is almost over, there’s more than a whiff of chill in the air. Hopefully everyone has had a wonderful break.

Number 8 Network is back in the saddle, and looking forward to sharing stories and news from our area.

Sorry to start the New Year on a bad note but thieves have been busy in the area. Prof’s @ Woodlands was broken into last week. “…While our security was strong, they still bent locks and smashed cameras during an unsuccessful attempt to raid our chillers. A total suck on time and emotional energy.”

As a result, the cafe and Woodlands Estate are increasing their security. They urge the community to take care – “…and secure your home and businesses. These were obviously locals from their mode of entry and familiarity with the property.”

They managed to get this image from security cameras.

Just weeks before Great Beginnings on Woodlands Rd was also hit. Food seems to be the common focus as the freezer was cleaned out. And, from comments on the Prof’s Facebook page, houses in the area have also been broken into. So be extra vigilant.

Otherwise, great things have been happening in our little patch; St Mary’s Church held their Harvest Service on Sunday. Donations of non-perishable food were brought in and donated to the Hamilton Christian Foodbank. 

And there’s been mud fun at Great Beginnings when their new mud kitchen arrived! (There was a problem of there being no mud but a hose took care of that problem!)

And the alpacas at Cornerstone Alpacas helped out with a wedding. Congratulations to Hannah and Kris!

There’s a lot coming up to look forward to – Gordonton School holds its harvest festival on Thursday 28 March, and Woodands Estate is having another Pioneer Fundays in April. Here’s to 2019.

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