Care needed to prevent fires: WEL

With this hot, dry weather in mind, a safety message has come from WEL Networks – keep trees and vegetation near power lines trimmed.

In the current dry conditions and extreme weather, a small spark from a power line could start a fire, says WEL Networks vegetation manager Jonny Ogden.

Rural fires. Photo: WDC

“Hot weather, dry grounds, long grass or trees, an electrical spark – it’s not a good combination. We’d encourage people to keep an eye on their trees near power lines. If you need help to maintain the trees, give us a call.”

Jonny says ongoing maintenance will also reduce the risk of power outages during storm events and wild weather.

“Trees and vegetation caught in power lines causes about a fifth of power outages in the district and during a storm event it causes extra pressure on our electricity supply and our resources.

“But don’t try and remove them yourself, bring the professionals in.”

For information on keeping trees and vegetation trimmed near power lines click here or call 0800 800 935.

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