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There is still time to prune those roses, says Lloyd from Wairere Nursery. “So long as it’s done before bud burst then all will be sweet.”

Always prune in fine weather, and during a fine period as roses are vulnerable to Silver Leaf disease, a fungal infection whose spores are carried in the rain and wind.

“If you haven’t already then some spraying with Copper Oxychloride and conqueror oil would be good for the roses and fruit trees… actually do more than one spray, do several and see if you can time one for just before bud burst on your fruit trees.”

Copper Oxychloride is a great fungicide that is safe to apply, he says. “Conqueror Oil is the insecticide component and smothers overwintering eggs and any lingering bugs too.

“Mix copper and oil separately but you can add them to the same tank… so quarter fill your spray tank and add a slurry of the copper paste, fill the tank to three quarters and then add your diluted conqueror oil, continue to fill the spray tank and shake them all together.”

Lloyd is just back from a whirlwind trip to Calgary to visit his Canadian Aunt, he went over with his mother, cousin and her 16 month-old daughter, and the cousin’s mother – who had just broken a bone in her foot.

Calgary was pretty busy – “Bars and restaurants were humming. The streets were lined with hanging baskets of the most gorgeous begonias you ever did see… the peonies were out in full force and just looking gorgeous. My aunt tells me that it can get to -20C so obviously peonies can cope with it being really really cold.”

In his absence the guys at Wairere completed potting the majority of the season’s roses, trees and shrubs.

“I think there are still another 1500 odd trees to arrive next week and then we should be finished potting.”

His next task is to get the roses spaced and in strict alphabetical order and then all the fruit and ornamental trees better organised. “…right now it is truly is a sea of sticks at the moment!”

Then there are some renovation projects before they get busy with spring – which is not far away now!”


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