Superette open during lockdown!

Photo of Gordonton Superette
Come on down – Bharati and Sushant Rajan at the Gordonton Superette


THE doors are open at the Gordonton Superette and when N8N popped down this morning they said they’re looking forward to serving customers, but one at a time.

“Customers need to come into the shop one at a time, observing the protocols during the lockdown.  Just wait outside and come in when the previous customer exits.  One in, one out.  And keep a safe space from them!”

They intend to stay open over the lockdown.  “We may change our hours, we’ll see how it goes.  At the moment  we are open from 9am to 5pm.  And yes, we hope to see locals coming in for goods like milk and cheese and other food,” says Bharati.

“If people need help with their shopping requirements, whether purchase or delivery, please ring us up and we will see if we can help,” Sushant said.

Gordonton Superette is next to the Book Box and the Mandarin Tree.  Ring them on 07 824 3182.


Photo of Gordonton Superette
Come in! (But one at a time please!)
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