The teddy bears of Peach Rd

Photo of Peach Rd teddy bears
The friends watch the sun go down….

These teddy bears on Peach Rd are resting after a long day of searching for their friend.  One of their members went missing on the first day of lockdown, says Margaret Miers.

“His friends are now looking for him most days.  They have been all over our small block on Peach Rd, seen many things and have adventures.”

She started writing about the bears for her grandchildren, now the stories are on her Facebook page for friends and family.

It turns out that the missing bear decided to join the Great NZ Bear Hunt and is blu-tacked to the letterbox outside her house.

“He’s the only one that can be out in all weather, and talks with the mailman on delivery days but the other bears don’t know that yet.”

Margarets says she makes it up as she goes along and on good days takes the bears for photo shoots.

“My husband thinks I’m a bit bonkers,  actually he has no idea what is going on with the bears and why I sometimes go for long walks with a pack of bears on my back!”

Meanwhile, in Newstead, her daughter and family have also been busy with a bear project of their own – must run in the family!


Photo of bear fence


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