Bearing Up

BEARS have been turning up in windows and bus stations and in all sorts of places across the nation during the lockdown.  Gordonton gets in on the fun.

Here’s what appeared on Whitikahu Rd recently –


Photo of silage bear


And N8N decided there were not enough bears on Woodlands Rd and has taken to hiding furry critters in the hedge out front of our house.  We will put these little guys out in fair weather, so if you have a youngster and want to go for a walk, see how many you can spot.  (There are about 12!)

If you know of any more bears around the place, please let us know, and we will post them on N8N.  And if you want to share some bear love, the more the better!






And, in the act.  (Have to wear gloves because of the prickles on the barbary hedge!)


Photo of bear

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