My Waikato Museum launched

Waikato Museum has launched a virtual exhibition that asks people to share photos of their favourite items on social media using the hashtag #mywaikatomuseum.

Waikato Museum Director Cherie Meecham said the idea was to ask people what a ‘museum of you’ would have on its walls.


“We also suggest anyone posting to #mywaikatomuseum should add a few words to tell a story about it, and why it’s important to them.”

Museum social history curator Nadia Gush said the initiative gave people a chance to interact with the museum while it was closed in the Covid-19 lockdown.

“Once people start posting online we may also consider choosing some of the photographs and stories to create a ‘real’ exhibition in the future.”

The hashtag #mywaikatomuseum would work best on Instagram and Twitter, but Facebook users could look for the museum’s Facebook post on the hashtag campaign, which would be pinned to the top of the museum’s Facebook page, and reply to it with their own pictures and stories.

For more info go to:

or search for #mywaikatomuseum on Instagram or Twitter



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